We help to build a more resilient and secure internet

We are a technological company founded in 2014 that designs, deploys and operates highly automated IT infrastructures.
presence in
data centers
more than
1,500 M
requests served daily
more than
10 PiB
transferred monthly
more than
20 Gb/s
being transferred at every moment


An organization is defined by its team and its culture. These are Brutal's principles, which broadly describe the fundamental ideas we follow when making decisions and taking action.


Self-welfare is the primary purpose of every individual. Organizations should therefore seek the common welfare.

We have to be kind and friendly to others, embracing diversity in all its manifestations.


Healthy relationships are built on trust.

That is why, without exception, we act with total integrity and professionalism, being honest with what we do and communicating it transparently.


We know we are imperfect, but we always try to be better than yesterday.

It is essential to realize this reality so that continuous learning and improvement will enable us to achieve the highest possible quality.


We build on innovation and progress as opposed to stagnation, we apply simple solutions to complex problems, and we do so through debate and argumentation.

We move forward keeping our feet on the ground with the goal of providing solutions for the real world.


We are a high performance team integrated by people specialized in several areas. We speak six languages and we work in a delocalized way from four cities around the world, mostly in Europe.
Edgar HernándezPayload specialist
Enrique PupoStar counter
Fahd AfwallahExploration leader
Jose Carlos GarcíaAerospace controller
Liam RuescasGalaxy guardian
Marta BareaInterplanetary data analyst
Raúl MartínezGalactic pilot
Víctor DíazHadron automator
The following corporate partners support us in non-technical areas that are essential to the development of our activity.
DuqueSock thief
JhinFeet hunter
NewtonFood taster

Working at Brutal

We are a small, self-managed team that does great things with a mix of engineering and mathematics.

We believe that the quality of the workplace environment is as important as the quality of the solutions we design, and we take that very seriously.

That is why we offer a safe and pleasant environment in which work can be healthily reconciled with life.

Competitive wage

A compensation in line with the industry and based on the profile, skills and experience required for each position. From this point on, we add the rest of the advantages.

Ethical hiring

We only hire on a full-time, indefinite-term basis. We believe that other modalities, especially internships, are not beneficial to any of the involved parties.

Remote work

From home or from a different location every day. All time off is for employee benefit, not for unnecessary commuting.

Reasonable working hours

We work better in order to do more with less time. The workday is continuous, with a 35-hour workweek. Moreover, we have 35 working days of vacation per year.

Career development

Professional improvement is also part of the job, so we offer the time and resources needed to improve technically and organizationally.


We organize periodic retreats with the whole team, with some limitations in the event of a global pandemic, zombie attack or similar catastrophe.

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