Simple and elegant solutions to complex challenges

Dozens of teams build their products and services on the best foundation with our solutions in engineering, operations and consulting.

Systems engineering

We create cutting-edge IT infrastructures with the most reliable free and open source technologies.

Our engineers have designed and maintain the systems behind several of the top 100 most visited websites in Spain, as ranked by Alexa.


We design highly available, efficient, scalable and secure infrastructures that have a high degree of automation.

Our focus is on robustness, performance, security and simplicity.


We define the whole infrastructure as code (IaC) to ensure its reproducibility, maintainability and portability.

By applying the DevSecOps suite of practices, we enable development teams to enjoy the benefits of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) securely.

Disaster prevention and recovery

Our solutions are redundant, both physically and logically, in order to anticipate the very worst.

Moreover, we plan disaster recovery closely with IaC. This way, we reuse resources while minimizing downtime.


Not only we design, but we also take care of bringing to reality what we sketch.

The day-to-day work of our specialists is to deploy, migrate, operate and oversee systems that serve billions of daily requests effortlessly.

Deployments and migrations

Whether it is a first deployment or a migration to a new infrastructure, we carry out the necessary operations in a planned manner, in the shortest possible time and without causing disruption.


By collecting real-time metrics that give us useful information about the status of the systems and their services, we are able to anticipate problems or, when not possible, to react to them.

Incident response

We work non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to promptly address and resolve any incident that is detected automatically by monitoring or reported manually.

Systems administration

In order to keep the infrastructure up to date, we carry out the necessary updates and modifications so that it continues to operate within the strictest requirements and quality standards.


Dozens of organizations rely on our knowledge and experience to address their technology challenges.


We analyze systems and organizations for potential computer security weaknesses, whether technical or social engineering in nature, and propose solutions.

Our experts handle and mitigate live attacks, with significant experience in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Software consulting

By working hand in hand with development teams, we ensure that software and infrastructure are designed consistently and in compliance with best practices.

We apply and help to implement DevSecOps set of practices, which allows delivering software in an agile and secure way.


Our expertise is in critical, high-performance persistence solutions that require availability, scalability and redundancy.

We design and advise on the deployment of relational, document-oriented and key-value database management systems, among others.

We have provided cybersecurity services to leading organizations

HPMetaMozillaRiot GamesSnapchatSulakeUberU.S. Department of DefenseYahoo


We create vendor-neutral solutions that do not depend on proprietary technologies or specific suppliers and, therefore, do not generate ties.

Thanks to this, we are able to design multivendor infrastructures on various platforms in addition to Brutal Private Cloud (our own private cloud), such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, OVHcloud or Microsoft Azure.

Data centers

Brutal Private Cloud consists of five data centers arranged in two availability regions: Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Three of them already operate with CO₂-neutral energy, including backup systems.


Projects hosted in our private cloud benefit from the flexibility of virtual machines, but also from the raw power offered by physical machines.

We use lightweight virtualization and process isolation technologies.

Managed Kubernetes

Our service allows the creation of multi-region, highly available clusters on any provider and with everything necessary to run.

Kubernetes' efficient provisioning, automatic scaling and reconciliation make it possible to deploy highly automated and resilient infrastructures while reducing costs.

Content delivery

Present on five continents, our delivery network serves images, videos and static web applications at record-breaking speed.

It includes features such as automatic compression, image resizing, video transcoding and geolocation.

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